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Formula One, Austin Tx. – Adding some fun

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel - Formula One, Day 2 in Austin, Texas

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No cycling this weekend. Formula One racing in Austin, Texas began Friday and for the first time my dad is watching it from the side-lines.

Still dark Friday morning, I took my Dad and Lulu to SF airport for their flight to Austin – Day One of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix. At the last minute I handed them both ear plugs – they might come in handy – however hearing the “beautiful” roar of these cars is probably one of my dad’s favorite parts. I’m sure they are having an amazing time.

Car Racing 1920-1930 (Bentley, Mercedes-Benz) - YouTube 2013-11-28 09-42-50For all you race car enthusiasts, here is a 25min vintage documentary on Bently & Mercedes 1920 car racing. I discovered it after a little digging over at

Enjoy, Sheryl


For Seniors: Keep Your Center Strong

by allegretto (

As seniors, keeping our core muscles as strong as possible is vital. The back and abdominal (our “core”) keep us moving and balanced for the activities we love. It’s OK to use smaller motion & weight.
Keep it up, Paul

3 min hint: From the kitchen… just grab two cans of anything from the self. Do 10 of these movements (in video) and move on with your breakfast! It’s just that easy. Try this 1x or more a week.

FREEBIE: Send in a photo & short description of your own inventive 3 min idea and I’ll post it right here! And, if I feature your idea in a future video, I’ll send you a “shout out” AND send you an autographed photo! Can’t wait to see your ideas.
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Seated Row using Stretch Reflex

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy Episode #2 about Stretch Reflex using the Seated Row.

Arnold doing T-Bar Row

Arnold using T-Bar Row and Stretch Reflex

Have you heard of “Newtons 2nd Law of Motion”? Its about Force creating Momentum.(Very Cool!)

Rent the movie “Pumping Iron”. In the movie there is an awesome example of Arnold doing bent-over T-Bar Rows using, of course, a lot of weight.  Arnold’s T-Bar Row is a really the best example I’ve ever seen. And is really cool to watch. Of course, I don’t recommend people start off with such an advanced exercise, however, the basic movement can be applied to any form of exercise, mild or advanced.

Arnold doing Seated Rows using Stretch Reflex

Arnold using Seated Row and Stretch Reflex

I’m really excited to share this part of my training that helped me during my Power-Lifting and Bodybuilding career. In the video I’m using a more moderate form of “Stretch Reflex” than Arnold was using. At 74, I have to go a little easier!

Here is another great article about Arnold and this row also: The Right Way To Do Rows, from Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Strength & Conditioning website.  Thanks Jason.

Climbing Mt. Diablo 1988

Climbing Mount Diablo, Concord, California – May 2, 1988

I hope you enjoy this video of cycling up Mount Diablo on my 50th birthday.  This goal was to make it up in less than 60 minutes. This video is made possible by Channel 5 News, Evening Magazine with Richard Hart.

Video: Climbing Lombard Street

Climbing Lombard Street, SAN FRANCISCO – May 2, 1983

Here is a video for you of my difficult climb up Lombard Street in San Francisco on my 45th birthday carrying just over 300 lbs. It took me a little over 6 months of training and several medical stress tests to make sure I was ready for the challenge.

This video is made possible by Channel 5 News, Evening Magazine with Richard Hart who teaches at Academy of Art, SF, filmed in 1983.

Lombard Street in San Francisco, California is famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of eight tight hairpin turns. It is about 14 mile (400 m) long (approximately 575 feet) . Instituted in 1922, Lombard St. was created to reduce the hill’s natural 27% grade,which was too steep for most vehicles to climb. Walking straight up would also be a serious hazard to pedestrians, who are used to a more reasonable sixteen-degree incline.