follow Paul & his daughter as they blog a little fitness & a little fun - follow Paul & his daughter as they blog a little fitness & a little fun

Paul Yazolino

A Little History on Paul

Today Paul is retired and lives with his wife and daughter in Alameda, California. Paul is beginning to create video-blogs to help fellow athletes reach their goals as well as teach people about bicycle safety.  Most of all Paul hopes to create video-blogs that are interactive with his viewers by answering their questions and creating content that you personally request.  If you have an idea or request for a video you’d like Paul to create, please send him an email!

From 17 to 73 Paul has trained as a competitive athlete in three major sports: Power-lifting, Cycling, Bodybuilding and then back to cycling again. Paul began weight training at 17 in a small gym called Iron Island in Alameda, California.  He ultimately went on to set several power-lifting records. He caught the fever for cycling at the age of 30 and continued in that sport until he saw first hand Ed Corney’s bodybuilding exhibition in San Jose. Ed Corney’s genius for posing routines which resembled sculptured works of art more than simply an expose of muscle was the inspiration which catapulted Paul into his next sport, bodybuilding. In 1979 he won the title of Mr. USA, Masters in bodybuilding. After dealing with several injuries Paul once again changed his sport and his body structure so he could return to cycling in which he competed at the U.S. Masters Sprint Cycling levels and currently holds World and National Championship titles.

From 1977 to 1981 Paul worked as a personal training adviser to individuals. From 1981 until 1997 he owned and operated Fitness Equipment USA, a chain retailer of exercise equipment.

Paul has also served as an Expert Witness within the exercise and fitness industry.

Please contact Paul by email or for more options please visit the Contact page.


  • Michael Walker says:

    Hey Paul….im still amazed at your feats…and cant believe its been 25years

    May 30, 2014 at 5:13 pm
  • Andy says:

    Hey U. Paul,

    Wanted to pick your brain on getting in shape at the age of 50. Is it too late? How would one start at this age to get the kind of results needed? What would be reasonable expectations with respect to time before improvement? And, a lot of other questions. Give me a quick shout when you can via email, txt, telephone, etc. Hope you’re well. Look forward to seeing you soon!


    July 14, 2015 at 12:55 am
  • Brian Richardson says:

    Paul many years ago in san Leandro California I stopped in to Genes Health spa for a guest work out. I was probably around 27 years old and you might have been early 40s. you were polite -well mannered -well built and most likely a personal trainer at that facility. you gave me some welcomed advice on improving my bench press technique and I listened. I had been working out for several years and had fair strength I thought and proceeded to press 3- 45 pound plates on each side for a few reps. not bad -not bouncing/cheating etc. you looked as if you were warming up -I think you started with 225lbs then pressed 315 for 7 -10 reps and did not break a sweat. your power was legendary at johnny’s gym where I trained and got advice from Paul Monsler, lee Moran and a couple others. you did and are still doing it all. PS I am now 60 -something must hurt on your body -cause even with great form -Pain reminds of past accomplishments

    January 9, 2017 at 7:39 pm

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